• Sanctions lists covered for UK, US, EU and UN, and their relevant sources

    Kindly refer to the attachment which includes the most updated list of sanction sources provided by our data provider.

  • DOI / process for tracking updates issued from the above countries.

    All sanction sources are screened daily and profiles are created or updated promptly. The processing time for new sanction releases varies depending on the number of names and the amount of information available for each profile; however, the update should be completed within 24 hours. In most cases, the update would be completed within 30 minutes to several hours of release.


  • SLA for updating the lists, including controls for ensuring that the lists issued by the above countries are copied completely and accurately

    Classified information cannot be shared by our data provider at the moment.

  • Do you cover the Sanctions Lists issued by Singapore, Hong Kong and France (if different from the EU) as well?

    Yes, for details please refer to the above attached sanction sources.

  • Besides the above, do you have coverage for any other countries?

    Kindly refer to the same attached list of sanction sources.

  • Do you have an Enhancement List – list of companies and individuals that are owned by, controlled by, and related to sanctioned parties in addition to those covered in the government-issued list?

    Our Data provider cannot provide such data at the moment.

Adverse Media

  • Provide Adverse Media categories.

    Our data provider cannot provide their AME sources because those are proprietary information. Attached is the list on the types of all sources our data provider use.

  • Is there news / public information sources screening in addition to list-based screening?

    Yes, they are covered on the same attached Types of sources document our data provider provided, they simultaneously use official sources + media outlets as well.