RBA Essential

One-stop aml solution that fulfills your requirement on the latest anti-money laundering regulations ,together with an easy-to-use experience in streamlined customer onboarding and ongoing screening functionality.

We’ve streamlined your Due Diligence Experience

Cloud CRM

Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to store all client information and due diligence records in cloud to prevent physical loss and damage

Name Screening

AI Powered Enhanced Watchlist Engine (EWE) allows you to use the least effort to attain the greatest efficiency by reducing false positives and integrating robust technology

Compliable Report

RBA Essential allows you reduce penalty risks by generating monthly due diligence report and individual reports that fully comply with regulators’ expectations



Watchlist includes entities from over 200 countries that covers PEPs, Adverse Media, Regulatory and Sanction Lists


Watchlist Entities

Watchlist contains more than 3 millions individuals and corporates ranging from sanctions, PEPs and Adverse Media



RBA Essential allows you to fully comply with the latest regulation by meeting the regulators’ expectations

One-stop Cloud Solution to Comply with the Latest AML Regulations

Streamlining the customer onboarding process by providing a simple and efficient due diligence experience, while continuously monitoring your clients’ background risk level

Making decisive due diligence by creating a risk-controllable environment via assessing the indispensable money laundering risk factors of your clients

Performing decisive due diligence by creating a risk-controllable environment via an self- manageable control on the money laundering risk factors of your clients

Generating periodical due diligence reports and tailor-made client reports for the submission to regulators, meeting the ever-more stringent regulations and jurisdiction expectations

Archiving all necessary steps in the due diligence process from name screening to investigation with a highly cohesive workflow, allowing maximization in resource allocation in your core business

To make your compliance program more efficient

“With the latest cutting-edge technology, we strive to deliver a full function AML solution within a reasonable cost that helps you to meet full compliance standard.”

Simon Leung